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Terry's Tomato Tips

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From Val's Plot

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Events: what's up next

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Jobs for the Month

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WYOG exists to support and promote organic growing.WYOG logo Site Nov212

Its origins go back to 1955 as part of a Yorkshire-wide initiative to promote organic growing at the Harrogate Show. In 1975 the county wide group split into Mid Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Sheffield who were all branches of the Soil Association which co-ordinated these groups until 2007. WYOG started its own organic show in 1989 which continues to this day and entries are only judged on taste and not looks. WYOG also runs a potato day which sells 40 + varieties of seed potatoes, many which people cannot get from anywhere else.

WYOG sometimes organises plant swaps or wine tasting events. It has this web site which is full of advice and information on growing, organic news and innovations so please have a look around and join our mailing list for news of our events.

Annual Show

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Children's Section

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Organic Suppliers

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Jack First's Advice

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