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My Food Community

My Food Community is a Food for Life Get Togethers programme that’s all about championing good food in the community  - food that is good for our climate, nature and for our health.

Perhaps you work for a food based project in your community, or are campaigning to improve the experience of food for people in your area – anyone that is passionate about making a change is who we’d like to see apply.

If you’d like to:

  • Learn and access resources
  • Connect with others who champion good food: in your community and across the UK
  • Develop leadership skills: To take action and lead positive change for good food in your community,

Head to the Get Togethers website to find out more and apply today.

Any problems with the links go via www.fflgettogethers.org  and look for My Food Community.

The Soil Associations ‘Regenerate Now’ report shows the UKs progress towards 2030 climate goals and put regeneration at the heart of the solution. It gives an update on their push for a transition to nature friendly farming and sustainable land use and their work towards healthy and sustainable diets. Find the report at www.soilassociation.org/progressreport 

The Soil Association has also set out its ‘Growing Better Together strategy to 2030’. It has 3 key areas;

  • farming and land us – changing how we work with our land and what we produce;
  • diets and lifestyle – changing how we access food and reduce consumption footprints, supporting healthy and sustainable diets and living for all;
  • connections – changing how we connect with nature and each other. It sets out how they will work in the field and forest with farmers, growers, foresters and businesses.

Their plan to work in kitchens and communities; with caterers and businesses; and everywhere – working across as many sectors as they can to make links and bridges between people and ideas. You can find their full strategy on their web site www.soilassociation.org