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Save our Bees

38 degrees are currently running a campaign to save our bees after research reveals that the UK has failed to ban 36 dangerous pesticides that are forbidden in the EU, some of which are highly toxic to bees. You can sign the petition at https://act.38degrees.org.uk/act/ban-bee-killing-pesticides-23?submit=true

pollution from synthetic fertilisers

he Soil Association are running a campaign to stop pollution from synthetic fertiliser. The way we grow our food is damaging the soil, destroying plants and killing wildlife. Emissions from fossil fuel-based nitrogen fertilisers used in intensive farming are sadly contributing to the climate emergency. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Join them in making a stand against synthetic fertilisers. Together we can:

  • Set a target for reducing fossil fuel-based fertiliser use in UK farming
  • Help farmers to transition away from these expensive, synthetic fertilisers
  • Support nature-friendly farming approaches, like organic, that don’t rely on synthetic fertilisers

They have an online petition – go to their web site https://act.soilassociation.org and look for the fix-fertiliser campaign

Visit A Passivhaus

A reminder of the invitation to visit a garden and a Passivhaus
In 2017, Sue and Peter Taylor took the decision to build a Passivhaus in their garden in Kirkburton near Huddersfield.  Work started in 2018 and they were lucky enough to move in about 18 months later, as it was a few months before the first lockdown. Passivhaus is a German concept aimed at producing housing which minimises energy use.
On Saturday July 9th, at 3.00, Sue and Peter will be holding a garden party in their garden for WYOG and Huddersfield Green Party members.  There will also be a chance to look round their Passivhaus. So, if you are interested in the house or simply wish to be sociable, it would be great to see you.  Please let them know you are coming by contacting them by clicking here. If you would like to bring a contribution to the food that would be great but please let us know.
Find out more about passivhaus buildings at the Passivhaus Trust website