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Annual Show

 WYOG 2023 Poster WEB

We look forward to welcoming you to our 32nd show in September - we are at our usual venue in Shipley College, on Exhibition Road in Saltaire, starting at 10am. Planning has now started and we have A4 posters and A5 leaflets if anyone can help get them out. We will need judges, stewards, café helpers and cake makers. All offers via Contact Us please.

This year we are having a push on trying to get more children and schools to enter, so do encourage any young growers you know to enter something in the children’s categories. The schedule is here for you to download or in the images below so you can see all the possible classes for fresh fruit and vegetables as well as all the produce classes. As crops become ready at different times than in the past, finding ways to preserve and use our crops becomes more important.

There is a small change to the timing of the show this year, to give the judges more time we are asking all exhibitors to have registered and finished displaying their goods by 1.15am.

Schedule WYOG WEB


Photographs of vegetable snad fruit from the WYOG annual shows

The annual show started 1989 Hipperholme church Sunday afternoon, mainly organised by Jack and Joyce Tindall and from the start it was a show to be judged on taste. In the third year of the show’s life it moved to the Clarke Foley centre in Ilkley with coverage from the BBC woman’s reporter and a Guardian photographer attending. In 1993 the show moved to Cleckheaton Town Hall for several years, then to Carlisle Business Centre in Bradford in 1999 for its 10th anniversary, and from 2000 it has been at it current home at Shipley College in Saltaire.  Over the years many different and  well, known people involved in organic growing have helped with the judging, from HDRA (now Garden Organic) and DT Browns seed merchants. It grew quickly in the 1990 and over the past few years the numbers have plateaued and occasionally dip. The format has remained roughly the same with other stalls, a café,  a schedule that is revised in the light of changing circumstances – so more children’s classes were added at a time when many schools were involved in entering their produce, but now there is little opportunity to work with schools so the classes for children have been reduced. You can find copies of the schedule over the years here, and poster advertising the events here

The show ran every year until 2020 when lockdowns and the covid pandemic halted it; an outside event was held in 2021 in Saltaire and the hope is that the show will resume in 2022.