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Potato Day 2019

What a fantastic day…

Saturday saw one of our busiest Potato Days with queues out of the door (yes, in that weather!) and a packed hall once the doors were opened at 10am.

The first variety sold out in 14 minutes and another four were gone a few minutes later. Luckily there were lots more options for people to try, and again there was a lot of people trying growing potatoes for the first time.

Talks by potato expert Alan Romans and BBC Radio Leeds gardening expert Graham Porter were popular and well attended. As usual, the Wholegrain Café kept everybody well fed and watered throughout the day.

But if you missed it – don’t worry, there will be some leftovers for sale at Northcliffe Allotments Clubhouse in Shipley this Saturday the 16th, from 10 – 2pm. For more information contact allotmentval@phonecoop.coop

Organic varieties in capitals.  (EM) denotes early maincrop.
1st Earlies:
Belle de Fontenay (3kg)
2nd Earlies:
WCF: Divaa (7kg), Jazzy (6kg), Kestrel (1kg), Vivaldi (10kg).
BELMONDO (EM) (5kg), CAROLUS (EM)(3kg), DESIREE (EM) (1kg in poor condition), GOLDEN WONDER (4kg), ORLA (EM)(1kg).
Red Emmalie (EM)(1kg), Sarpo Blue Danube (10kg) (EM), Sarpo Kifli (EM)(2kg), Vales Sovereign (EM)(2kg), Violetta (6kg).

Bonnie and Milva added to Potato Day list

Two new varieties have been added to the list available at Potato Day on the 15th of Feb.

They are: Bonnie – a second early with bold, even-sized tubers, bright skin finish with red splash which bakes well with good taste-test results and Milva – another second early which is an oval potato with yellow skin and flesh. It is a very high yielding waxy variety that boasts and excellent flavour, and is a really good baker and an exceptional boiling and salad type; similar to Nicola.

Both varieties are organic and seem to be tricky to get hold of this year so may well sell out quickly.

Another great Potato Day

Big thanks to everyone who helped at Potato Day, and to everyone who came and bought. You can see some photos from the day below. It was another busy day and the firm favourites were Charlotte and Duke of York which sold out in twenty and thirty minutes respectively!

If you missed Potato Day don’t worry – there are some leftovers. All the potatoes currently listed on the site are still available to buy, just call John Dallas on 07890 916844, or drop him an email.

Potato Day 2013

sidebar_potatoheadWith dozens of varieties on offer there’s something for everyone. Most of the varieties are organic and there will be a great selection of heritage and speciality varieties that you might not have seen before and may not see in the shops.

For the full list of varieties on offer see the Potato Day page, and click on the ‘Potatoes by type’ links on the right hand side.

Potato Day 2013 will be held on:
Saturday 16th February, 10am – 2pm
Exhibition Building
Exhibition Road
BD18 3LQ

Admission is FREE!, tubers are 15p each (and you can buy them singly if you want to try lots of different varieties) and there will be a café for a spot of light rereshment after your tuber purchasing frenzy. See you there!

You can download a poster or a flyer here, please put one up in your local library and shops if you can. If you haven’t got a printer get in touch and we can send you some posters and flyers.

Don't worry if you missed Potato Day…

UPDATE : We are sold out of spuds for 2012, sorry!

We have some left overs. There are varying amounts of the varieties below. Phone John on 01274 580119 (after 6pm) or 07890 916844, but hurry, they are going fast!

Look out for us at the Saltaire Farmers Market, 3rd Saturday of the month, March, April and May.

First earlies
Sharpe’s Express, Duke of York, Arran Pilot, Maris Bard, Colleen,  Rocket, Bambino, Witch Hill
Second earlies
Shetland Black, Dunbar Rover
Ambo, Romano, Majestic,  Peachbloom, Golden Wonder, Kerr’s Pink, Arran Victory, Record

Potato Day – a few left overs

Our Potato Day held on Saturday 19th February at Shipley College in the Exhibition Hall, Exhibition Road, Saltaire was another great success and was well supported by locals and visitors from further afield.

 There were stalls, potato themed food café and lots to do and find out.

 The varieties listed below are the leftovers and all are ready to be planted NOW. With organic varieties in bold. All tubers are 15p each. Please contact John on 01274-580-119 after 6pm for any details or other info.

 Second Early (2E)

Bambino          Edzell Blue   Estima        Osprey

 Maincrops (M)

Fortyfold         Highland Burgundy Red      Hunter International Kidney         Isle of Jura      Kerr’s Pink      Linda  Maris Piper         Record                 Robinta    Romano    Rooster    

Heritage – non organic –

 Mr. Little’s Yetholm Gypsy – only variety with THREE colours in the flesh