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Mapping England's orchards

An image of a traditional orchard with a grazing cow.The People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) is co-ordinating a project to map the traditional orchards of England. Orchards are hotspots for biodiversity and support a wide range of wildlife including many species which are nationally rare or scarce, including the noble chafer beetle. Knowing where orchards are is essential for the conservation of this important habitat and the vast array of species that are associated with it.

The aim of this project is to create an inventory of traditional orchards in England which will support the Habitat Action Plan and form a baseline from which to guide all future conservation work.

PTES is calling on hundreds of volunteers to help both locate and survey these orchards. A typical orchard survey will record the species, number and condition of the fruit trees. This can be carried out at any time of year.

A completed inventory of this priority habitat will facilitate the monitoring of any further losses and will be one step towards protecting this icon of the English countryside.

The inventory is published on the internet and is available to download at www.naturalengland.org.uk or to view at www.magic.gov.uk

How can you getĀ involved?

PTES need the help of local volunteers and land owners, orchard groups, wildlife trusts, parish councils and agricultural colleges.

  • Do you own, manage or know of an orchard that should be included within the traditional orchard inventory ?
  • Do you have time to spare to help survey traditional orchards in your local area?

No experience necessary, maps and guidance will be provided.

To get involved please call 020 7498 4533 or email anita@ptes.org or visit www.ptes.org/orchards