Apple leather

Use any old organic windfalls – they don’t have to be anything special as the drying process intensifies the flavour.

Chunk the apples, removing any bad bits but keeping the skins and cores on. Take a large pan, put ¼” of water in the bottom, then fill it with your apples. Cover, and put on a low heat to come slowly to a simmer-steam. Leave to cook for a good while, turning the apple about occasionally, till soft enough to sieve easily – some apples cook faster than others.

Sieve, and measure the resulting puree – the leavings can go on the compost heap, or to the hens.To 1¾ pts of puree add approx. 2ozs of organic runny honey, ½tsp rosewater and a good grating of nutmeg, and mix thoroughly.

Spread the puree barely ¼” thick on 4 large non-stick baking sheets, leaving a little free space at the edges. Place in the oven at maximum 70C, leaving the door slightly ajar. It will take at least a day to dry out all over. Change the sheets around for evenness of drying if needed.

Carefully free one edge of the dried puree, which is now dark and leather-like, and peel off. Roll up and store in an airtight container. It keeps very well in a cool dry place – the leather I entered in the show was made in late September 2011.