Many hands make blight work…

James Stroud is a PhD student at Bangor University, working with the Sárvári Research Trust on tomato blight. He is now collecting samples of blight from both tomato and potato from allotments and gardens throughout Great Britain and Ireland as part of this work, and if you are growing tomatoes or potatoes this year, you may be able to help by sending samples. Potato blight samples are most useful if sent along with tomato blight samples from the same site.

Sample collection is not difficult or time-consuming. If you are willing to take part please reply to James with your postal address at:

He will send you a free pack containing sample bags, pre-paid envelopes and full instructions for sampling. Personally identifiable information will not be retained. Requesting a sample pack in no way enters you into any contract or other obligation.

The project aims to:

  • Develop new tomato cultivars with greater resistance to blight, suitable for environmentally-friendly growing by gardeners.
  • Learn more about the strains of blight that infect tomato, and their relationship with potato stains.

This project is supported by the European Social Fund. By taking part, you will contribute to the understanding of one of our most serious plant diseases, and the development of resistant tomato cultivars.