A screenshot of the NEET websiteThe Northcliffe Environmental Enterprises Team (NEET) is a Social Enterprise and registered charity established in 2005 to support the work of Northcliffe Nurseries.

As an organisation NEET is dedicated to working towards a healthier and more inclusive lifestyle for people with learning disabilities and long term health conditions.

The primary purpose of NEET is to provide and promote new perspectives on lifestyles and inclusiveness and ensure that it meets the needs and aspirations of all its contributors: the learners, the service users the volunteers, the staff and the customers. We do this through the growing of plants and the production of garden related items which are intended for sale to the general public and to contracted customers.

NEET continues to grow and is constantly seeking to increase social contact and working relationships with the local community, other charities and social enterprises to be part of that all important supportive framework in which everyone can work unhindered and to the best of their ability.