Put your money where your mouth is… Save Sarpo!

Sárpo Axona potatoes
Sárpo Axona potatoes

Dear Potato Lover,

The Sarvari ResearchTrust and therefore the Sarpo varieties are in real trouble.

At a time when there is a global push to make GM potato varieties acceptable the Trust has run out of money and sources of funding. It struggles to get by day to day -often subsidized by David Shaw’s pension. Their varieties are the result of decades of conventional cross breeding to successfully gain resistance genes from potato near-relatives. Like most of the UK, Kettlebridge has had devastating blight since July yet my Sarpo Mira plants are still growing strongly – all other garden varieties in the village are long dead. Recently a Dutch team of genetists working on Sarpo Mira found it to be the most blight resistant variety that has ever existed with a unique complex of resistance genes including at least one never found before.

Crowd funding could save SRT. I have known for some time that an appreciation of the heritage and the worth of potato varieties lies mainly in the hands of gardeners – perhaps the future of spuds lies in the same hands. Please click on the link and do what you can, then pass this message on to all you can think of who might help.There are still a few more varieties in the pipeline including “Crow” – I think “Crowdpleaser” would be better!

You can make a donation here:
WYOG will match your donations up to a maximum of £250, please let us know how much you have donated. This really is a chance to put your money where your mouth is…

Alan Romans

UPDATE: First £20 donation in!