A tasty local food plan for Keighley…

Delicious pies, bread, soups and stews. Fresh vegetables and salads. Preserves and pickles from your own postcode. People want to eat locally produced food and we want to be the one stop shop for local food in Keighley. We would love to know what you think about our plans. Please take a few minutes to complete our online survey for producers or online survey for shoppers. Thanks!

We plan to locate in the town centre near the library and to open on Fridays from 9am until 7pm initially, perhaps opening at other times later.

Some locally produced food will cost more than equivalent goods from a supermarket but others may cost significantly less. In any case, a purchase from us will help to keep money in the local economy and we will always ensure that the producers that supply us meet high standards for animal welfare and care for the land and environment. We hope customers will appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable service they will receive and will keep coming back for their favorite local foods.

The shop will be staffed by volunteers and will aim to provide a rewarding experience to those who want to help. We may offer occasional local food tasting, cooking demonstrations and courses. We are also keen to make contact with local producers of all sizes, from large farms to allotment holders with surplus veg and from home bakers and preservers to entrepreneurs making ready meals from local ingredients.

The Keighley Local Produce Shop is an initiative of Transition Keighley – raising awareness of the effects of peak oil and climate change and joining with others in working towards positive solutions.