Can't see the wood for the trees?

A woodland scene with bluebellsWoodlands For Our Future

The Council is the single largest woodland owner in the district with 590 hectares of woodland, 267 hectares of parkland woods and some 14,000 highway trees. These trees along with hundreds of hectares of private woodlands help to make the district sustainable and also a great place to live, work and visit.

They are currently working on a plan for the future of trees and woodland in the District, and they need your views and suggestions, to ensure that it meets the needs of all of the community. This is an opportunity for you to help shape the future of our local woodlands. Please spend a few minutes answering the questions and making suggestions.

A consultation document regarding a Draft Woodland Strategy has been produced, and the Woodlands Team welcome feedback in any form – letters, emails, phone calls. The most important thing is that they hear peoples’ views. The consultation finishes on 31st January 2012, after which the comments will be incorporated into a final draft which will be presented at The Environment Scrutiny Committee on 20th March. This is the place where the elected councillors adopt (or not) the strategy – the more responses the consultation receives the more information can be included in the action plan, but also it will indictate the level of support for woodlands in our District.