Plant sale

I hope all you gardeners have been enjoying the weather and growing lots of things for yourself and a few extra for the plant sale on the 21st May?!  If you have an untidy – sorry, wildlife friendly – garden like me then you will probably find lots of volunteer flowers and shrubs that can easily be potted up too. If you are still sowing your seeds then please sow a few extra for WYOG.

Some of us ran a stall at the Saltaire festival and found that people enjoyed sowing a few seeds in a pot to take home and also pricked out a few lettuces that had been grown in a tray – adults as well as children. So if you have some spare seeds that are suitable for sowing in May, or a pot of seedlings that you haven’t time to prick out or the space to put them, bring them along to go on the stall. Any spare small pots (washed please!) would also be appreciated.

We welcome any volunteers who can help on the day, too, even if its just for an hour or so. If you can help please email Brian and tell him when you are free. He’ll make a rough rota so we have a spread of helpers through the day. Setting up from 8.30 and clearing up at 2 will be particularly busy times.

If you have some plants for us but can’t come on the day let us know and we’ll see if either there is someone near you who is coming so you can leave the plants with them or if there is anyone able to pick them up from you. Any queries phone me on 01535 663737.

You can download a pdf of the poster for the Plant Sale too so if you can please print it out and display it where-ever you can or forward it on to your friends.