21st Organic Fruit and Vegetable Show

general view of hall
General view of hall
Jerusalem Artichoke prize winner
Prize winning Jerusalem artichoke

Bigger and better than ever.

21st Show has proved that ‘grow your own’ is going from strength to strength.  Held, as it is every year, in Saltaire, at Shipley College Exhibition Hall, there was a record number of entries from members of the public, and the produce was displayed in over fifty vegetable and fruit classes.  People brought everything to show – from aubergines to zucchini; apples to Worcester berries; even bread and jam.  And the children had a go, too.  The top prize – the ‘Best in Show’ award – went to a dark and delicious courgette cake.

The attraction for the general public – and it was open to all – was everything being judged on taste.  It didn’t matter if your tomatoes weren’t the same size, or your carrots were forked; so long as they tasted good they stood a chance of winning a prize.  Even the chillies got tasted; but they had to have more to them than just heat.

The show will be running again next year, so if anyone’s missed it look out for it in September 2011 and have a go.  If it’s grown without chemicals or artificial fertilisers, or baked with organic flour, eggs and sugar, then the West Yorkshire Organic Group judges would like to taste it.